The dementia severity rating Scale (DSRS) is a brief informant-rated, multiple-choice questionnaire made up of 12-items that measure functional abilities and parallel CDR content . The DSRS requires minimal staff training to administer, takes five minutes to complete, and can be completed via mail, Internet, or phone.

More severe dementia, as indicated on the clinical dementia rating, Dementia severity rating scale, and Mini-Mental State Examination, was associated with an increased likelihood of receiving a CCE. …

Alzheimer Risk Factors Jul 25, 2011  · Up to half of Alzheimer’s disease cases worldwide are potentially attributable to seven preventable risk factors, a new study suggests. The findings show that Alzheimer… Alzheimer’s, together with diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis, are complex diseases that can be caused by a variety of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Although we cannot

High levels of free water and white matter hyperintensity may be predictive of higher dementia severity and accelerated …

Medications For Alzheimers Treatment for Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s. Medications called cholinesterase inhibitors are prescribed for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. These drugs may help reduce some symptoms and help control some behavioral symptoms. The medications are Razadyne® (galantamine), Exelon® (rivastigmine), and Aricept® (donepezil). There are three drugs of this type: donepezil (Aricept), galantamine (Razadyne), and rivastigmine (exelon).

Testing for Alzheimer’s The Dementia severity rating scale (dsrs) is an informant-based, multiple- choice questionnaire that assesses severity from the mildest to the most severe stages in the major functional and cognitive …

SCORING In each of the 12 sections, 0 = no impairment and impairment progressively worsens with each subsequent number. The person completing the form should select one answer per section.

DEMENTIA SEVERITY RATING SCALE (DSRS) Page 2 of 5 SPEECH AND LANGUAGE 0 Normal ability to talk and to understand others. 1 Sometimes cannot find a word, but able to carry on conversations. 2 Often forgets words. May use the wrong word in i ts place. Some trouble expressing thoughts and giving answers.

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